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MK950II-C Speedlite


Major function:
◆ In addition to the features of ETTL automatic light metering, stroboscopic mode, sync of front and back curtains and multi-light flash at the same time, the product still has the eight-grade manual adjustment function and can meet your rigorous demands for shooting.
Support to:
◆ Multiple mode
◆ S1 mode
◆ S2 mode
◆ Rear curtain sync
◆ Front curtain sync

Product Model MK950II C
Flash Type Professional flash
Recycle Time About 3 sec
Flash index 58(105mm focal length, ISO 100)
Flash mode TTL/M/S1/S2/RPT/REMOTE
Illumination angle

Up-down rotation angle (down by -7 degree and up by 90 degree ) 

, left-right rotation angle±180

Power supply mode 4 pieces of alkaline cell or AA NI-MH battery
Boundary size 190*60*78mm
Weight 405g (for flashlight only, excl. batteries)
Color temperature 5600K

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